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X Kids Drone Birthday Party

Our staff will be there for an hour and a half total.
During the first 20 minutes our staff will be setting up and syncing the drones via bluetooth on iPads.
For 10 minutes our staff will introduce him or herself to the children and discuss how to respect the equipment.
For 30 minutes our staff will have games and or challenges using the land drones.
For the last 20 minutes the children will free choice time on the drones.
During the last 10 minutes the children will be asked to sit down and then they will be given party favors including stickers, or paper minecraft.
We bring 8 drone units with tablet remotes!
X Kids Drone Birthday Party12:00pm - 1:30pm2:30pm - 4:00pm
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Sun Sep 18closed**closed**
Sat Sep 24closed**closed**
Sun Sep 25closed**closed**
Sat Oct 1closed**closed**
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Sun Dec 11closed**closed**

IMPORTANT PARENT INFORMATION: The X Kids Games is a drone rental company, we are NOT responsible for the safety of the children. There must always be another adult present to chaperone the event. The parent will inspect the iPads and land drones BEFORE the equipment is distributed to insure that everything is working properly. In the unlikely event that the technology is damaged during the event the person who made the reservation will keep the technology and will have to pay the retail price of the equipment.

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