Dungeons & Dragons – 4 Fridays

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Dungeons and Dragons is Role-Playing Game where you use your wits and your imagination to go on an Epic Adventure. You work with a group of 5-6 Players to defeat monsters, discover the bad guy’s evil plot, and save the world. We use digital maps so players can see what their environment and enemies look like, and make intelligent decisions. And then we use dice rolling to add crazy twists of fate!

Imagine if you could jump into Lord of the Rings as any of the heroes and do things your own way. That’s what D&D is!

This adventure runs 2 hours per class, 4 Fridays in a row, with a group of 5-6 players online. Players work together as a team, and Chris (our Dungeon Master) leads them all on their adventures.

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Fridays April 3-24, Fridays May 1-22


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