The X Kids Services

The X Kids was founded in 2012, and we’ve been teaching chess to children as young as 4 years old for 8 years now! The X Kids believes that learning through play and experimentation is the best way to learn. We also believe it’s important to not sit in front of a computer all day, which is why The X Kids combines outside play and in order activities as breaks throughout the camp day.

Summer Camp is located at Buena Vista Horrace Mann right around the corner from the 24th St and Mission Bart station.

The address is: 3351 23rd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

When signing up for camp you can choose Deposit Only to lock in our discounted rate. You then have until the end of March (right after Spring Break) to choose the weeks you want for camp. We will send reminders to those who haven’t chosen by the end of March.